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The Limited Liability Company  "Tehnotuls" represents one of the largest kompaniyy PRECITOOL Europe and successfully delivers on the enterprises of Belarus and Russia:




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Guild system furniture and workplace organization PRECITOOL, RAU, bedrunka + hirth, ANKE, apfel, CP, GEDORE, METEC, HAZET, Mey, Bimos, Miltex, ALBANY DOORS, SINOtec, GEMAC, (121 ext. K), HEIN, BURK MOBA TIME, PARAT, PELI, BRENNENSTUHL, HEDI, Wilms, PLANETA, EUGEN NOLLE, Kimberly-Clark, IGNIT KG, Mannus, CEMO, SABU, Greifzug, (301 ext. k):
- Benches (mounting, folding, compact, mobile), countertops, job management system and headsets, storage cabinets, cabinets with drawers (mobile), mechanical closets, cabinets for cabinets with drawers, cabinets for mounting boxes, desktops, mobile tables, board racks, mobile carts, carts for transportation, bedside cabinets workbenches and mechanical tools for CNC tool holders, computer cabinets, shelves, computer workstations, cabinets with swing / sliding doors or shutters, (PRECITOOL, RAU, bedrunka + hirth , ANKE, apfel, CP)
- Decking job, (PRECITOOL)
- Boxes of various assortment, distributors of materials, (PRECITOOL, RAU, apfel)
- Cabinets for storage of hazardous materials, motor oil, rack cabinets, (CP)
- Walk-in closets, benches, carts and tool boxes, (PRECITOOL CP, GEDORE, METEC, HAZET)
- Stools and chairs, (Mey, Bimos)
- Flooring job (plastic, rubber, polyurethane, PVC, beech, vinyl), mats, (PRECITOOL, Miltex)
- Strip curtains and rigging, swing doors and accessories for them, protective and insulating curtains, welding shields, office systems (2, 3 or 4-way) and technical equipment for them, (ALBANY DOORS, SINOtec, GEMAC ,)
- Partition system, protective equipment, safety and protecting elements ((121 ext. K), HEIN)
- Entries for ground markings, marking paint and Marking, template sets, magnetic signs, wall clocks, instruments for time recording, (HEIN, BURK MOBA TIME)
- Pocket nagolovnye flashlights, LED flashlights for inspection lamps and fixtures (for machines and jobs sofitnye for construction, Halogen), light bulbs, tripods, brush areas, (PRECITOOL, PARAT, PELI, BRENNENSTUHL, HEDI, EUGEN NOLLE )
- Cable drums and boxes, the connector, power distribution, extension cords, cable (for construction sites, rubber, extension), (BRENNENSTUHL)
- Electric heaters, gas heaters, (Wilms)
- Rocker, (PLANETA)
- Cable and hose reel with automatic retraction, (PLANETA)
- Brushes, toiletries, towels, napkins, rags, park benches (with and without backrest), flagpoles and brackets for them, spreader for large areas of distribution, containers, storage containers, boxes for toilets, the module is ready rooms, storage boxes boxes and gas tanks, universal boxes, cases and containers, components of fall protection, (EUGEN NOLLE, Kimberly-Clark, IGNIT KG, Mannus, CEMO, SABU)
Shelving and storage platforms PRECITOOL, SCHULTE, META, HUPFER, CAPPES, Bott, LA-KA-PE, Raaco, ABUS, ZARGES, PARAT, STANLEY, BANHOLZER u. WENZ, KERN, Greifzug, (301 dop.k.)
- Racks (double, large, long shelves, bracket at the toe, with a bolted, with sloping shelves, roller conveyors, containers for storage, pallet, cantilever) and accessories, packing tables, perforated panels and accessories, holders and clips tools, storage boxes (polystyrene, polypropylene), display stands, wall units, shelving and carts with drawers for storage boxes and equipment for storage of small parts, stackable boxes for transportation and containers (polypropylene sheet steel), equipment for them, (PRECITOOL, SCHULTE, META, HUPFER, CAPPES, Bott, LA-KA-PE)
- The storage of small parts and accessories, assortment boxes and tool cases, (PRECITOOL, LA-KA-PE, Raaco)
- Tool boxes (made of sheet steel, aluminum), (PRECITOOL, ZARGES)
- Padlocks, (ABUS)
- Bags and bags for tools, collapsible bag, mobile service stations, (PARAT, STANLEY)
- Kits and ribbons for packaging (plastic and steel), devices for unwinding devices for steel straps and cutters, devices for packaging (for tapes and films), packaging machinery, tape and kraft paper, protracted devices, shrink guns and dispatcher, packaging films, bags, (BANHOLZER u. WENZ)
- Cardboard Box staplers, staples, (BANHOLZER u. WENZ)
- Scales (compact electronic platform, post, counting) steelyards, crane and pallet scales, (KERN, Greifzug)
- Ladders (ladders, sliding, multi-purpose, folding, telescopic), aluminum ladders (with platforms, rollers), forests (folding or mobile) and working scaffolds, ladders, ladders, cabinets, mounting platform, Shaft stairs, turnstiles, equipment , (ZARGES, (301 ext. k)).

Hoisting machinery, warehouse equipment, jacks, press YALE, BRAUCKE, Fetra, HanseLifter, HUPFER, SCHWARZ, PFAFF, SCHEFER, RMS, GRUSE, ALTEC, Greifzug, HydroBull, Dolezych, MEILLER, PLANETA, BSROLLEN, BLUME,
Trolley (aluminum and steel, stairs and cask with a handle and without folding, with 2, 3 or 4 two walls, with a table, stacked for Euro boxes, tipping bucket), (BRAUCKE, Fetra, SCHWARZ)
- Scooters for barrels and stands, (Fetra)
- Movable tables and boxes, benches, shelves, conveyors, truck platforms, cars, shelves and platforms for the panels, (Fetra, HUPFER,)
- Trolley for instruments and long materials, stands, instruments and panels for transport containers (hopper, with fold down, soft-bottom), (Fetra, SCHWARZ, RMS)
- Fork and scissor lifts and forklifts, mobile lifting tables, stackers, trucks (compact package, dump), tin vans, containers and trolleys for silage, work platforms and installations, arrows, hooks, traverse, snow scrapers, loader bucket, (HanseLifter, PFAFF, SCHEFER, RMS, SCHWARZ)
- Turn signals for containers, (RMS)
- Lifting tables and platforms, ramps, hoists, lever hoists, chain, electric hoists, krantelezhki, cranes (construction and industrial), straps (steel, wire rope, chain, fabric, round, loop), tightening belts, kits for fixing cargo , installation kits, furniture straps, winches (console, manual, electric), grips (beam, clamp, concrete rings), traverses a fixed hook, (PFAFF, SCHEFER, GRUSE, ALTEC, Greifzug, YALE, HydroBull, Dolezych)
- Kranvily with adjustable legs, loading equipment, clamps and combination pliers barrels, (YALE, MEILLER, RMS,)
- Rack and pinion, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps, hoses and jacks, engine hoists, conveyor systems and the movement of goods, (PLANETA, YALE, PFAFF, SCHEFER)
- Rollers and wheels (rubber, plastic, polyurethane), conveyors, stands for the material conveyor (roller, scissor, bobinchatye) and the distribution tables, equipment for conveyors (rollers, bearings, fasteners, stoppers), (BSROLLEN, BLUME).

Storage of hazardous materials, cleaning PRECITOOL, Asecos, RMS, SABU, Stumpf, HORN TECALEMIT, PRESSOL, (511 dop.k.), IBS Scherer GmbH, KARCHER, Nilfisk ALTO
- Maslopogloschayuschie means (fabric sleeve), sorbents (universal, flexible), granulate containers (waste disposal, transportation, cleaning of small parts), humidifiers for rags, cans dispenser systems for the oil, intake valves, (PRECITOOL, Asecos)
- Parts and accessories for drums (valves, level sensor, funnel), trays and accessories for storage tanks with hazardous materials (fixed and mobile), trays for shelving systems, elements of sex, the CCC station, cabinets for gas cylinders, packet frames , storage, shelving and cabinets for storage of hazardous materials, environmental, and hoods, equipment for them, (RMS, SABU, Stumpf, Asecos)
- Manual and electric pumps, hose sets, oil pumps, oil supply system, drum pumps, flow meter, pressure drives, accessories for lubrication equipment, devices for discharge and suction oil maslorazdatochnye installation, canisters, racks, garbage bags, waste, containers, baskets and litter bins, waste sorting systems, ashtrays (combined and wall), (PRECITOOL, HORN TECALEMIT, PRESSOL, (511 dop.k.))
- Hand washing system and pallets for them, cleaners, degreasers, caring sprays, automatic washing machines, high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, wet / dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers (with manual transmission, with a seat for the operator), industrial washers, (PRECITOOL , IBS Scherer GmbH, KARCHER, Nilfisk ALTO).

Chemical industries PRECITOOL, WD40, WEKEM, Caramba:
- Sprays (multipurpose, technical, silicone) universal oils, adhesives, pipe, fittings and surface sealing, bonding compounds, activators for anaerobic adhesives, spray cleaner, sealing tape, rust solvents, graphite oil, cutting oils, welding protection, cleaners (parts, brakes, electronics), silicone and voskoudaliteli cleaners (kerosene, benzine, for hands, hand, glasses) and removers (graffiti, adhesive and sealant, paint, oil) oil paint thinners, solvents (acetone, nitro -thinner, denatured alcohol), paste (for ceramics, copper), lubricants, aerosols (dry friction, cold, contact, leak detection), sealants, corrosion resistant primer and oil aerosols (zinc to copper, brass, for impregnation , isolation, silicone, activating, marking, lubrication), assembly pastes, sprays, emulsions and creams to protect and care for the skin, invisible glove, pastes and materials for hand washing dispensers, liquid metal, silicone, acrylic, guns cartridges.

- Hydraulic tools and drives YALE, JUWEL, NORBAR, BBG, EQUALIZER, KLAU


Fasteners, fittings, hardware, clamps and tools NOVUS, GESIPA, CEJN
Lubrication, coolant, corrosive liquids MASTERFLEX, ARIANA
Machining equipment: OPTIMUM.
Painting equipment: GRACO









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