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The Private Commercial Unitary Enterprise "Tehnotuls" expands its dealer network and invites regional dealers to distribute our products –  www.precitool.de.

By becoming our dealer, you will receive a number of advantages.

We will:
1. Provide the appropriate dealer prices from the first purchase.
2. Guarantee an absolute priority in supplies. Dealers are served first.
3. Provide advertising and information materials on the output and product offerings.
6. Indicate the dealer, and information about it in our promotional materials.
7. Do not let other companies' products in the region.
8. Other special conditions. Special conditions - are a trade secret and determined in the negotiation process.

The dealer shall:
1. Maintain a consistent and approved traffic products.


On this issue, please contact us by E-mail: info@tehno-ts.by or by telephone companies









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